CV and Info


Yana Bystrova is a third-generation artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Her work has evolved from figurative to abstract and cross-bred forms of expression, with a strong conceptual emphasis on color, the ambiguity of perception, and interpretation.
Her background roots in both: academic studies at Kyiv Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture with a diploma in Mural Art, and the end of the Soviet era “Perestroika” underground art scene of Furmanny Lane in Moscow. Her first official expo participation date back to her student years.
Yana moved to Paris in 1991. Between 1998 and 2010, she held jobs in design, web design, and finally programming.
Since 2011, she has devoted her time entirely to painting. Yana lives and works between France, the U.S., and Ukraine.


2022    “Painting in Excess: Kyiv’s Art Revival, 1985-1993”, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables
2022    “Yana Bystrova: Approaching a Chaotic Reality”, solo show, Gallery Arte Azulejo, New York
2021    “Painting in Excess: Kyiv’s Art Revival, 1985-1993”, Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick
2020    “External Eye”, solo show, UIMA, Chicago
2019    “SALO”, salon du dessin érotique, Paris
“The Long Journey”, Contemporary Ukrainian Art of 1985–2004 from Private Collections, Contemporary Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv
2018    “A Space of One’s Own”, Pinchuk Art Center, Kyiv
2017    “Cultural Drift: Migration of Artistic Influence”, Frangulian gallery, Paris
“Private Collection. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists.”, Contemporary Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv
2016    ”Recipe for Utopia”, Contemporary Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine Kyiv
2015 “Музейное собрание. Украинское современное искусство 1985–2015” ART-KYIV, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
Charity auction “Искусство ради жизни”, Kyiv
2014    “VUCA” (personal), solo show, Russkiy Mir gallery, Paris
Charity auction to the benefit of ATO (Anti Terrorist Operation) veterans Kyiv
2013    “Intérieur – Extérieur” (personal), IGallery, Paris
            “Une pause le temps de contempler !” (personal), Russkiy Mir gallery, Paris
2012    Myth “Ukrainian Baroque”    National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv
2010    “Born In The USSR Made In France” espace Blanc Manteaux, Paris
2009    “Espace Nature”         Blue Square gallery, Paris
2008    “Close-Up From A Distance” (personal), Triptych gallery, Kyiv
2004    “Hype Gallery”, Palais de Tokio, Paris
2003    “Body Count”, L’œil du Huit gallery, Paris
1998    “Your Photo Here” (personal), Attache Gallery, London
1993    “Salon De Mai”, Grand Palais, Paris
1993    “Exposition De Dessin”, Fine Arts Academy, Paris
1991    “Explosition”, Avignon Festival, Avignon
1990    “Erotisism”, The Youth Palace, Moscow
1990    “Young Artists From Kyiv”, Kai Forsblom gallery, Helsinki
1990    “Explosition”, Avignon Festival , Avignon
1989    “The Resolute Edge Of National Posteclecticism”, Guelman gallery, Moscow
1989    “Fourmanny Lane”, Polish Modern Art Foundation, Warsaw
1988    “Eidos”, The Youth Palace, Moscow
“The Dialogue Through Centuries”, Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv
1987    “Kyiv – Tallin”, Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv