September 2023 Communiqué

I am thrilled to announce the acquisition of 8 of my paintings by the Zimmerli Museum!

The acquisition of my paintings by the esteemed Zimmerli Museum stands as a crowning achievement in my artistic career. It represents not merely recognition, but a resounding affirmation of their enduring significance.

This momentous event underscores the resonance and cultural relevance of my art on a global stage. It provides a canvas for my creations to engage with a diverse audience, fostering a profound appreciation for the transformative power of art that knows no bounds.

I am deeply honored and profoundly inspired by this opportunity. It fuels my passion to push artistic boundaries and continue my creative exploration. I eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration with the Zimmerli Museum and the broader artistic community, as we collectively celebrate the profound impact of art on our world, particularly during these challenging times.

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